CERBIOS offers a high quality tailor-made development program for biopharmaceuticals.
From cloning to cGMP production, CERBIOS will meet your product development and manufacturing needs with mammalian expression systems based on CHO cells.
CERBIOS is a solid, privately held, self-financed company located in Switzerland.
Our Mission is To provide excellent services, helping our partners achieve their core business objectives.
CERBIOS is the ideal partner for your New Chemical Entity whether it be APIs or HPAIs for preclinical, clinical and commercial worldwide supplies.
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Cerbios - Pharma SA

Cerbios-Pharma SA, is a privately held API manufacturer founded in 1994 by the merger of CERNITIN SA (founded in 1975), BIOFERMENT SA (founded in 1976), and SAPEC SA (founded in 1979), located in Barbengo/Lugano in southern Switzerland.
cGMP APIs made by Cerbios-Pharma SA cover small molecules (Chemical Division), large molecules and probiotics (Biological Division) that are sold mainly to pharma companies world-wide including EU, USA and Japan.






Cerbios will be present at

Chemoutsourcing 2016

NJ Hilton Hotel,

Parsippany, New Jersey, USA

19-21 September

Chem Outsourcing


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